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At The Wild Outdoors we understand the importance of providing your child with an enriching environment filled with laughter, friendship, and exciting experiences.

🏕️ Imagine a holiday camp where every day is an adventure—exploring the outdoors, making new friends, and having an incredible amount of fun. Now, picture enjoying a whole year* of this enriching experience absolutely FREE!

(*up to £1000 worth of camps)

Sign up on our website and we shall pop you in our draw.

**The Wild outdoors only send out a handful of emails every year – and they only have really exciting information, no spam.

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We accept childcare vouchers!

If you receive child vouchers, we can now convert them into credit to use on Wild Outdoors Camps.

Simply go to our contact page and select the childcare vouchers option in the subject, then send us an email with your contact details and who your provider is and how much you would like. We can then add credit to your wallet for you to book when you would like.

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