To minimise the risk to children and our staff during the COVID-19 epidemic.

To allow children to enjoy outdoor activities and have a fun engaging summer where positive memories are created.

How do we plant to do this?

The Welcome

Every morning we will have a meeting with the children attending and parents to explain the safety measures of the camp. We will check paperwork as usual but also ask regarding your child’s health. Any child or child from a family showing symptoms of Covid-19 should not attend.


Children and Staff will be required to follow the government advice on regular hand washing as being the best method of avoiding transmission of the virus. Hand sanitiser and tissues will be available in various locations throughout the camp. Signs and posters will be used to remind staff and children of the above.


All our activities are outdoors. Any activities that require the sharing of equipment, will have the equipment cleaned before the next person uses it. For example. Archery. The equipment will be antibacterial wiped down. Handed to the child. The child will fire their arrows, collect their arrows, fire arrows again, (this may be 4 or 5 rounds of shooting). The equipment will then be laid down and the instructor will antibacterial wipe the equipment down before the next child steps forward to the shooting line.

Social Distancing

As we are outdoors, we have all the space needed to socially distance if required in your location. The process will be explained once at arrivals in the morning and then once again when we reach camp. Social distancing rules can be adhered to in all our activities and our staff will be ensuring that these safety measures are followed where required.


The most important thing for us after safety is the value of having fun. We will ensure that as much of our camp run as normal as possible and that the children have a safe fun time on our camps.