School Grounds

We love it when you come to visit us but we also enjoy coming to you.

We can come direct to your door step or a location closer to you.

Whether you are looking for a single day or a few days of activities, something special for activities week or a sleep over camp, we can create a great adventure right on your door step.

In the Woods

When you step into the woods you are immersed in the adventure.

The beauty of nature is teamed with the comfort of our camps and combined make a magical environment perfect for an outdoor experience.

In the Mountains

Our mountain courses are a true step into The Wild Outdoors.

The course is designed to build resilience, create bonds and have a whole heap of fun and adventure, leaving the pupils with experiences that will stay with them.

The grandeur of the mountains provides a stunning back drop where pupils can rock climb, abseil, hike, and camp.

The Journey

The journey is a true outdoor educational experience, designed to inspire students.

The course will create the base for students to problem solve and engage as a team.

It is specifically designed around your needs, it will give your students a true step into independence and adventure.

The capabilities are limitless; from travelling over mountains, crossing lakes to skirting coast lines.
Using various and or multiple methods of transport, train , horseback, canoe, bicycle, paddle board and many more.
Activities from climbing, hiking, archery and abseiling to yoga sessions, survival skills, canoeing, wild cooking and so much more.

We can build a course that starts at the foothills of mountains, a train station or even from your own school gates, creating a journey that will stay with your students for the rest of their lives.

Drop us your details and we will get in touch with more details on this course.

Age 10+
3-5 Days

The Escape

The escape is a fully engaging scenario based adventure.
From the moment your school arrives you shall be immersed in the scenario.
Pupils will learn a set of key skills whilst based at our beautiful camp in phase one before moving onto phase two.
Phase two will give them a real chance to put these skills into practice as they are put into an exhilarating scenario that will test their resilience and character development.

The escape course is truly engaging, you will be challenged fully throughout the adventure which we guarantee will leave you with a great memory for the rest of your life.

Get in touch for more details on this course, we operate this from various locations around the UK.

Age 10+
3- 6 Days